Renew a lamp with Air Rustic

The lamps that are part of the decor of each room presented an interesting utility, but sometimes become boring designs and can no longer match the aesthetics of a room. So we bring a proposal to renew a lamp with a rustic, with very few elements and brief steps.


This concept can be applied to screen table lamps, pendants and ceiling fixtures wall , and floor lamps. The materials used are:
■ Lampshade.
■ Hilo as the sisal plant.
■ Scissors
■ Lace and trimmings.
■ Glue.

Step by step.
1. An old lamp may charge a fresh new look after carrying out these short steps. Firstly it is necessary to apply an adhesive on the top of the lamp shade, thus begins to fix the wire a rough finish on the screen.

Two. Wrapping the entire screen surface, with successive turns of wire to completely cover it. Keep in mind that the thicker the wire faster the work will be completed, and at the same time get a more rustic look.

When performing turns of wire on the screen to ensure that each row is well near the former, thus prevents areas remain uncovered and messy.

Three. Once the entire screen was covered with sisal reapplied glue on the edge area of ​​the part to fix the wire. If it were an excess of thread is cut to work and let it dry well and the thread will adhere well.

April. As we finish this craft proposes adding a delicate lace, which can be replaced by trimmings or tape too. With the detail you choose, it covers the top and bottom edges of the screen, using an adhesive to fix and thus introduces a more creative note to revamp a lamp.  and below more stylish lamps :



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