Renew all your house painting only

To renew the look of your home you can avail yourself of a painting, changing the look of the walls, openings, floor, furniture, tables and chairs, with the aim of reviving each of the spaces with color.


Painting is an excellent material to change the face of the house. Only a few liters enough, some work and creativity to make each of the spaces as new. In addition to the different types of paint available today, you can paint on almost any material with good results.

Orange wall painting
In this note we provide a simple and economical way to renovate your home. But if you plan a more radical reform would be good you had in mind these tips for remodeling your home , in order to adequately plan changes without neglecting the costs that the work might entail. So let’s see how we can begin:

Paint the walls and ceilings
It’s the classic, whenever we want a change first thing that comes to mind is to paint the walls. But if the old paint is still in good condition is not necessary to repaint all new. In this case you can highlight one wall a different color to create an accent in every room. If you want you can also paint the ceiling, you will notice the change that can provide this detail.

Paint doors and windows
It’s good to renew openings paint your house every few years, especially if they are wooden. Safely outside the water and the sun have been responsible for damaging your good original condition. If you have doors and windows barnizas can represent a big change you paint them white, or the right one for your house color. Use an attractive color for the front door is a good idea to get out of the ordinary and give a good welcome home.

Painting the ground
In the market you will find paintings specially formulated to withstand high traffic and strong rubbing. These products for floors or flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors, and various materials. If you are tired of those old tiles, or that old wood floor, painting may be issued a new and beautiful appearance.

Painting interior and exterior furniture
The furnishings are not spared our brushes can only paint for the external face, or even inside. It is very fashionable to revive those old wooden furniture painted a dark color, and painted a bright white, or perhaps a vibrant color like turquoise, green, orange, or the most appropriate for your environment. To finish the renovation of furniture you can change them knobs and handles exactly as recommended by a new current design or glass.

Painting furniture
If you want a touch of color to your dining chairs can be painted a bright color, all the same or all different. The most appropriate in this case are old wooden or metal chairs. You can even use one of each type, or combine with a bench seats for several people. Also small side tables are usually painted creating a striking touch of color on the site where they are, as a console at the entrance of the house, the nightstands in the bedroom, or the coffee table in the living room.

Painting tiles
Change tiles or wall tiles of the kitchen or the bathroom is one of the most cumbersome renovation work. But if current accounts with special paints for painting on these materials … so you’re going to take so much work?. You can give a new color to your bathroom and kitchen sector, that suits the color of the rest of the walls.