Renew old drawers

Have a drawer at home? Genial. These furniture are always helpful to gain space in any room of the house. And no matter if you are a little old lady or damaged, in this day and renew you count giving it a sleek and modern in simple steps.Wood furniture often weathers the test of time with multiple paint jobs, new installations of hardware and relocations due to changing uses or new owners. Usually the first indication that a furniture or built-in drawer needs repair will be one that sticks, has loose sides or joints or comes apart entirely. Old wood drawers are typically constructed via the tongue-and-groove method, or are nailed and/or glued together. You can repair drawers that were constructed with any of these methods.

Chest of drawers
Grey paint
White glue or medium (liquid decoupage)
Decorative paper

Step by step:
Removing the drawer begins to work more easily. Sand all the pieces to tidy up in case the cabinet has some scratches and old paint. Once you have removed all sanding dust rather then to paint. Paint the cabinet in gray or other right for you. Let dry thoroughly.

While the paint dries measures the drawer fronts and decorative paper cut pieces the same size. Applies behind pieces of paper and glue or medium tail in front of the drawers. With a dry cloth to rub the paper well and there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. Let dry.

If you have dried the furniture can give a second coat for a more uniform color. Let dry. Once the paper has dried you can paint the sides of the drawers, but not entirely necessary. When all parts are dry put the drawers in the cabinet and ready.