Renew the Bedroom for Little Money

Spring has arrived and with it, the desire to breathe life, color and light our homes. And there is no better time to renovate your home. The problem is that, because of the crisis, most can not afford spending too excessive decoration.  Luckily, we can always modify and include some details that can get a notable change in home stays. Today we want to help you get to update the bedroom with very affordable ideas. Sometimes, the master bedroom is one of the rooms of the house we have more neglected because when we have guests at home is the most overlooked.


However, this should not be a reason to stop worrying about it, because, on the contrary, the bedroom has to be adapted to changes in our lives.
Therefore, from Excite suggest you get some advice to give a new look without major outlays.

One of the keys to the bedroom is undoubtedly the headboard. So if we give a different, get a noticeable change in the decoration of this room. The wrought iron headboards and wicker will add a great touch to the bedroom. But if you can afford them, you can always create your own headboard. For example, you can create a headboard pillows based based or a patchwork.

Another good idea is to use decorating with vinyl. In the market you will find thousand designs, so be sure to find the one that best goes with the decor of your bedroom. Furthermore, placed in a very simple and can fill any living room.

As I have said on a lot of occasions, textiles can help renew the look of the bedroom. Change bedding and curtains and notice the difference.
Other details

Other simple tricks can avail yourself to give fresh air to the bedroom. For example, you can put a mirror on the door or cover the lampshades with new tissue. In addition, you can take those little holes in the stay to keep the things you use less: under the bed, between the legs of the table … So, the room is neat and pefect.


– Change the quilt, using, for example, seasonal changes, and to keep in mind that the bed plays a predominant role in the image of our bedroom to be the element that occupies visual space. Also, you can use to include a few small cushions give it a more inviting.
– Paint the headboard wall a bright color, different from the rest of the room, or you can use one of those papers with surface that will give a modern twist.
–  Incorporates new decorative items to your bedside table, from a simple flower or a restored antique jewelry.
– Change lamps to the extent of your possibilities, sometimes, simply replace the old with modern table lamps light bulbs or candles great for creating a more intimate atmosphere.
-Renew boxes or desazte directly from them, and put in place your enlarged photos or any original contraption surely find in stores interior design.
–  Finally, if the budget allows, change the curtains. In this regard, I recommend you take a peek decorating superstores where models find very affordable insurance as tulle net in colors that will give a fresh point to the room.