Renew your home by painting the walls

Bruguer, Jotun and propose procolor color collections, paintings and ideas for you to get perfect walls That removing household furniture, cover with pillowcases and sheets all who can not move, leaving home for at least a couple of days and wait for the paint to dry is one of the most lazy decorative activities give. By far.


We refer, as you might have guessed, to paint the walls , and ceiling, not forget-house. Indeed, it is one of those less fancy undertake reforms. And yet, is among the most appreciated. because with just a facelift, to renew the color of the house, it seems another.
And indeed, the summer is one of the best times to implement it. because is easier to leave ‘fleeing’ from home but, above all, because the paint dries quickly, so we can return to our renovated house and enjoy your new look.

To ease the job of looking for colors that you like and you go with the decor, we will show some new colors. As Bruguer bet for light colors . Specifically, by Blue cheerful tones and Caribbean tropical flavor.
Collection is Vibrations, which are colors with names as evocative as ‘Tropical Water’, presented as a valid alternative for kitchens and bathrooms. If you combine it with white, have a look very fashionable sailor.
Another option is the color ‘Eucalyptus Relax’, soft and warm, but distant, very suitable for room or salon . And for the more daring, signing paintings suggest ‘Blue Frost’ with the ‘Lima Refreshing’. Because summer is a state of mind, not a season.

Proposals for Jotun are more serious, but extremely elegant. The new charter for this 2013 includes three collections of very current colors: Wonder, Comfort and Rustic. The first one is chock full of rich tones and full of energy: oranges, browns and yellows.
Hues Comfort collection contributes to creating contemporary and comfortable environment, designed to calm and relax. Rustic While the infinite nuances advantage offered by nature to combine greens and raw to get to a place full of stability and solidity. On the other hand, paints the same house offers an interesting-and wide-collection of trays under Living Colors title. It consists of a selection of 36 colors, chosen to be the most popular in Spain. They are designed and grouped to match perfectly with each other and to make it easier to give a touch of color to the home. material Living Colors is available in matte plastic paint bucket format and with a capacity of 2.5 L that facilitates its use. Is characterized by a paint excellent coverage, fast drying, easy to apply and low odor which is presented ready for use, so that is applied directly.

These are ideal options for individuals to choose colors. For professionals to come to get them, designed the Charter procolor COMBINES, featuring the colors classified into six groups and offering endless combinations of colors or contrasts, depending on the effect you want to achieve.















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