Renovated old house

The funny and appealing for reform in this old house is 2-storey extension but the height is similar to preserve the old building. Moreover both seem to be two houses as one, depending from where you look and like the look. Check other houses Ancient posted on this blog of architecture, follow the link, you will find a list of relevant postings, searchable. proportions were used with great skill and roof villa design combines with classic original housing. Other images this house can see them in a posting published by his painting. The promotional video below is a Spanish website about home reforms. Yarn, Crochet and appropriate needles allow the house to refill liners floor mats or other objects. No longer grandma resources to become a strong possibility for the exterior and interior decoration.


Screens mirrors and boxes
According to officials of the portal, the technical innovations that have occurred in the field of tissue have not yet been able to wrest made “fabrics and techniques like macramé.” A variety of furniture such as chairs, benches, screens, mirrors and boxes full of colored knots filled with warmth and originality can utilize home and also abroad provided they are not left helpless rain. Without falling into old postulates which proliferated crochet doilies backs and arms of sofas and chairs, in addition to any figurine low entry or living room showcase, this form of weaving has been updated in the home. Crocheting is also one of the classics that returns to the decor with attractive shapes and patterns and especially with bright colors, which prints news beyond doubt.

Original designs
The children’s rooms are full of color with circular rugs, warm puffs that are lined with magnificent designs and hanging lamps designed with fun knots, plus lullabies for newcomers. Courses in patchwork quilts, updated rooms, even kitchens retro dress modern seat stools.

Fun crochet paneras made with thicker yarns and wool, fruit baskets or small boxes with lid to store little secrets are some of the proposals. Original designs if you just want to entertain your guests and they do not burn with coffee or broth, is also making a fundamental trend to the extent of their cups. An eight jersey becomes a beaker for a pot paintings and old and faded color can dress and transformed, without buying another, a new.

The classic cross stitch remains the usual to decorate and name the smaller rooms, new designs even bring their favorite heroes.Whether it is because we have been fortunate to have an old flat in possession or simply because the wage does not give for more than a second-floor or third hand, most of us have to get used to the idea that there is a new apartment to decorate our ease but must adapt to the characteristics of that is in our hands.

But relax, because you purchase an older home does not mean you have to live in the times in which it was built … It’s in your hand renew completely! The first thing to do is ask yourself what’s usable in space and what does not and what are the areas you want to enhance the whole house. If you want a change and can afford it, get rid of all the furniture and above.

The second step to renew after a clean home is to add color to the walls. Our advice in this regard is clear: Try to choose the colors that best go in each space (taking into account the issues of light or the functions of each space, for example) without forgetting that it is always positive to carry out a radical change not repeat the tones that had previously in space.

If the doors are also damaged and you do not have enough budget to change can recall painting them (only in more modern homes), restoring the shine with a coat of varnish or applying on them a little oil and vinegar lighter or darker depending the color of your doors.

You can do the same in the event of flooring.
And just talking about ground we suggest you take advantage of the opportunities we have today to renew your soil lagged easy and economical: The vinyl floors are an ideal solution will also amazing style to your home.

The furniture and ornamentation basically depend on your tastes , but if you want to continue with modern lines we mentioned you better bet for furniture smooth, straight lines and simple decor but always according to your tastes.As a final tip we recommend taking a look at the different decorative possibilities for each of the spaces in your home (floors, walls, furniture, textiles, etc..) … You will be surprised the wide variety available!

the macramé is a technique that is performed without needles and that is to go combining different colored threads knotted, creating an entire twisted fantasy games until develop from a simple bracelet of the furniture. In order to revitalize traditional macrame work, uses this technique to transform everyday objects into colorful contemporary pieces.

With this intention has presented a selection of pieces of furniture wrapped and dressed in colorful cottons inspired this technique.


converted living room arco floor lamp silver






renovated old house


Renovating an Old House

Renovating your home