Renovated row House with vintage interior design

This Canadian townhouse from 1880 was transformed into spacious self catering studio with vintage furniture. This renovation is a project of MARK + VIVI for a couple from Montreal. In spacious studio with the couple also their design studio.This studio contains a lot of original features from the original 19th century House. This is complemented with unique vintage furniture and colourful elements for a playful character.

vintage living room

In the kitchen provides the combination of original wooden palettes with a stainless steel sheet for an authentic and rugged look. The wall in chalkboard contributes to and is also an original means of communication. The wooden beams on the ceiling are again a reference to the original 19th century building. The yellow staircase provides this studio with vintage interior a playful touch.

vintage bathroom interior

The vintage bathtub is perfect in this small yet spacious-looking bathroom. The white color increases the feeling on this limited area. Modern, vintage and 19th century elements complement each other perfectly in this renovated bathroom.White walls do the space in the bedroom appear larger. An old chest serves as a bedside table. Together with the old enamel advertising signs increase the authenticity of the sleeping area.By using built-in cabinets is there sufficient storage space without the living room is limited in space.

vintage bathtub

vintage bedroom

vintage house

vintage interior

vintage kitchen

vintage sink

vintage townhouse