Renovated white apartment with futuristic interior design

Spectacular it can be einrichen with the colour white! The White House of the architect Michal Kutálek of next level serves as a proof of this Studio, renovated between 2009-2012. The townhouse in Uherská Hradiste, Czech Republic with a long history of over 70 years was turned almost into a spaceship. There are today no trace of the former Interior Design. The renovated living room represents a synthesis of moderate minimalism and Futurism with total area of 75 square meters.

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The most difficult task for any architect is to design, because the possibilities are almost limitless. The renovation of the apartment was a good opportunity to try out proven materials and technologies on its own terrain yet for next level Studio. The overall objective of the project was to create a flexible, continuous design and offer a fascinating look at the future of urban living.

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During the more than three-year refurbishment and renovation of the three + one apartments has been the project constantly refined and further developed. After extensive and detailed planning, the desired results were finally a simple white apartment that convinces through openness and the effect of white color. To get more usable space, door frame, brick walls, and ties were removed and replaced with floor to ceiling sliding doors which act like walls when closed. The Rails that pass by the cross beams, covered with plasterboard. Instead of the old parquet floor the new polyurethane floor blends perfectly into the overall picture.

apartment renovated washroom suspended ceiling stripes integrated led rgb

The architect, fascinated platwright by the large space to experiment with light, is for the use of backlight, which shine the white walls and furniture in different shades of colour can be. Each room is color matched to sunlight a day; a completely different space effect but in the evening under artificial lighting. RGB LED strips integrated into the walls and niches allow almost imperceptible until dynamic color changes – depending on the request.

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All new kitchen appliances are installed, the surfaces Shimmer in high-gloss white. Matte textures, black kitchen chairs and blue rear add exciting contrasts. Clear space layout gives an airy feeling.

Living room furniture Next Level Studio abstract wall

minimalist urban apartment white walls sliding after reconstruction

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Next Level Studio white house minimalist interior design furniture simply

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Renovated apartment futuristic living wall flat screen tv

sliding white high gloss Next Level Studio Apartment czech republic

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urban apartment white walls sliding Next Level Studio

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white house futuristic designed walls sliding polyurethane floor

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white stripes futuristic living room interior design-integrated led

urban apartment czech new space plan renovation