Renovation apartment – interesting setting up examples from Turin

The renovation of an apartment can prove to be extremely worthwhile, if you can find the right approach. She must have a reasonable outlay. This usually means that you must be very creative to achieve the best possible results with limited resources. At the same time everything must work but already chic and made to his own measure, so that you can feel good at home real. Best you should afford a designer look even with the renovation of the apartment.

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This goes and the Italian show. As always they can not settle for something that is just an average beautiful and elegant. UdA architects called the Studio in Turin, which was commissioned with the renovation of the apartment. Behind this are two main characters, namely Andrea m. Abdullah, and Adelaide Testa.

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Both the aesthetic and the practical demands of customers were very high. This living room had to take three generations of people under one roof and satisfy them all. Also, each needed its own separate private area and the ability to perform everyday activities without any problems. It’s the renovation of an apartment in a building several decades old. She’s got some parts and decorative details, which come from the 40-ies of the last century.

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Owner and designer, found it very regrettable that they were destroyed to a large extent. It was very specifically looking for sources from this period. All historically found should serve as inspiration in the modern renovation. A typical example is the design of the ceiling in the living room. You have a network device, consisting of partly stuccoed ceiling in part from wall-paper, to give a super modern and stylish interpretation of the original material.

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The concept of the renovation of the apartment provided for from the outset, many unexpected and unusual perspectives. The variety of means were used. Pastel shades and bright colors are a part of it. Unique designer pieces such as furniture by Prouvé, Sarfatti, Mendini and Tom Dixon were added. The designer integrated many other details designed by them.

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Among the surprises that await a concept for the renovation of the apartment for rent, also include: an excessive importance was assigned to a small item, the metal rod. It is a part of many different constructions. These are all together a great system. You correspond with other design elements, which consist of vertical and horizontal lines. Make out a main theme. This and the allusion to the 40 ensures the unique character of this otherwise conventional modern apartment.

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