Renovation with construction brings light and space

the Dutch architectural firm WillemsenU Architects was commissioned to an old, dark House from the ‘ 60s to transform into a modern and bright House. As a result, House M, a modern and spacious family home which is adapted to the new situation of the client.

renovated kitchen construction sight

The original House from Brabant, did not any longer to the housing needs of the family. The arrival of two children and the wish of a Home Office forced the family to review the property thoroughly. Before that, they called in the help of WillemsenU architects from Eindhoven.

renovation of construction

The renovated House has direct views of the garden. In addition, she is bright through the many Windows letting in plenty of natural light. The fa├žade finish looks sleek and modern.

The contact with the garden is further enhanced by the terrace that literally extends to the lawn. The choice for a natural material such as wood increases the feeling of direct contact with nature.

renovation sleek modern house

Also from the sleek and modern design kitchen you have a direct view of the garden. In this space you will also get a spacious feel. This is mainly driven by the polished concrete floor that seamlessly extends to the rest of the House. The white colours also enlarge the sense of space.

renovated modern kitchen