Repair the pool tile

There is nothing so unsightly and uncomfortable in the pool as a broken tile, which gives a look of careless, causing water leaks and can also be a risk causing minor cuts to people.

Gresite pool: when it comes to a small repair, we can arrange ourselves damaged tile.
The first: clean well area, remove the broken tile is small bumps and leave an area to work.
Finish: Apply a repair putty and place the new tile. Then cover the joints with a waterproof and let dry.

Repair the pool tile

If there is a break complex, we can encourage us to repair the tile of the pool ourselves. We can do it easily and take advantage now that the summer season is approaching.

Fix cracks
When we begin this little work, we must first check for leaks. If yes, will remove the tile carefully making small bumps and itching around, since you need to get enough space to work a minimum of 0.5 cm and 1 cm. We will use tools such as a screwdriver or a paddle, and will seek to remove the tile on a regular basis to reassembly later without difficulty.

Once that is done, clean up the area by removing any debris and proceed to repair the damaged surface, in this case the crack or broken tile. We begin by giving a primer to ensure that the repair product to adhere properly, and then prepare a specific putty to fix the crack. This type of caulk is sold at home centers or pool maintenance shops. With a trowel apply this mixture, by making sure their penetration and waiting 24 hours to dry.

Place the new tile
To place the new tile , give another layer of putty 2 or 3 mm, will press gently and make sure the tile with a slight blow to properly fit the part. The last step is to cover the joints with a waterproof for swimming pools, water resistant and therefore avoid mold growth.

Once all the work, clean up and wait for it to dry everything well. Drying time is important so that the products that we have applied to work properly.
In this way we will have repaired the broken tile fairly simply. In the case of a more severe fracture, should be in the hands of a professional that guarantees the best result and not have to do more work later.