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Today I have wanted to bring a Chulis designs for baby furniture for your baby. These Amasise Design furniture make our baby’s room look more elegant and retro to be up to date in every way.The retro style (60 and 70), is the style that takes in recent years. Using a retro kids furniture always makes us have nostalgia for our past, as this style is based primarily on the aesthetics of the ancient period.


Another style that also takes a lot these days is the vintage . There is a fine line between the difference of these two styles. The retro style evokes the past without the objects belong to him, that is, has a modern design but with the aesthetics of the past, while the vintage are products made ​​and manufactured to the period to which they belong, and lead to today thanks to excellent maintenance and conservation lovely.

As you can see, children’s furniture in this room is very chic. Both the crib and changer combine perfectly . The grid of the crib is what gives the retro feel, but without forgetting the modern style of today.

Ameise Design also has lovely beds, which can also play time with her. As you can see, at the foot of the bed, the child can paint what you want, it is not just a board where you can paint as many times as you want while you can also delete, with this type of material typical of the slates.

To be trendy, if or when, we do a rethink of what until now understood by decoration for children . The latter is the Vintage , ie retrieve the old storage mubeles you keep your grandmother.
They are unique furniture and early twentieth century, you have to learn to combine with the ones we have at home. Many nursery decor studies already pointed to this trend supernovedosa, and the result in most cases is spectacular.With the Vintage, your child’s bedroom will be unique. No more mass production furniture!.In Edmon we recommend you visit the gallery section. There you will see photos of their proposals on small furniture and objects. Like all the furniture is unique, some are sold with the label, but it’s worth a look and be inspired.

If you are thinking of decorating the children’s room in a retro or vintage, or just looking for a special piece to add a touch of personality to the room, today we bring one direction may be useful, and certainly very inspiring. This is Bianca & Family, an online French service throughout Europe.

They specialize in restoration of school desks and chairs antigüas as well as rare vintage pieces of furniture discovered in France and Europe. Vintage furniture, however, are not restored.

You can find children’s furniture restored, vintage or contemporary design. They also have all kinds of retro-inspired children’s items such as sheets, … You have to check the stock of available furniture pieces they have in every moment, and it is unique.

And now, on their website they have a photo gallery of selected rooms of some of her clients, here you can find many ideas … We put some: Room Anne-Claire. In your mom’s blog, adile has many photos of the girl’s room and you can see all the changes and new additions that have been doing in the bedroom decor. Browsing around this nice blog found the house that Anne-Claire is in the garden to faint!
Lilas Room. Their mother also has a blog and as we continue at this rate I do not finish this post or joke, I’m hooked again … This is what has the blogosphere and Carole, in particular, is a Blog as great! Especially for you who like kidswear I recommend you visit it.
Finally, Camille’s room , modern furniture and vintage in perfect harmony. Desktop restored retro and comfortable living with container of Kartell and Teepee tent.


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