Revamp Your Kitchen Chairs Changing

Many times to change the face of our modern kitchen and wear it, no need to renew large and expensive furniture, to add or change certain details will suffice, for example chairs think that your kitchen can have, especially if you have a kitchen type kitchen with bar and high chairs or have the dining area there.

kitchen table-bar-stool

Try renewing only the chairs and do not be afraid to combine, for example, an old walnut table with modern chairs transparent resin with aluminum or vibrant colors. Do the same for bar, choose chairs with modern style, even if you choose wood as the important thing is that you include modern lines to modernize the space.
Many times we are tired of our kitchen but we dare not get into the mess of a work, there are plenty of tricks to cover up the old fashioned tiled, to change the look of the furniture that we no longer like or modernize the look of throughout the kitchen. We are going to have a lot of tricks we can do ourselves or to toil without much money.

If you’re sick of seeing the same kitchen tiles, paint them! The can paint with enamel paint, best matte or satin, you will see that difference.

You can also paint them with chalkboard paint, hold moisture very well and give you a very modern touch to your kitchen. If you wish to remain a blank wall to write better at it, cover the board first with aguaplast.
Another option to cover the tiles in wet areas or work is installing a Lacobel glass is a glass is available in many colors, sticks directly on the tiles and is colorless crystal-capped. This is better to install a glazier. It is very easy to clean and shine the glass gives a lot of depth.If you want to save space or light, you can cover with mirror tiles, you will expand the space and reflect light if you have a front window.


Revamp an old chair

Kitchen chair revamp