Robots in the nursery

There are certain elements in the world for its meaning and its history have a very high infant acceptance. This is the case of animals, cars, dinosaurs or robots . Yeah, robots can become a complement, design or pattern ideal for decorating the smaller room . In the market there are opportunities for everyone and, actually, I’ve loved the environments.

Robots invade the children's nursery

It is easy for the robots to be the favorite of your little friends. Seen in these images are lovely, very friendly and fun. If you are your children’s favorite character, do not hesitate to represent you in every corner of your bedroom. On the walls, on the bed …

In the curtains, in carpets and of course, in fun toys, stuffed animals and animated figures.
The range and mix of colors is very common when we decorate with robots. Red, blue, yellow or green tones are almost always present. The bedrooms are filled with lively prints and patterns robotic and futuristic, but we can also integrate robots in a more sweet.
Plush toys on the floor, matching the pattern of the bedding are very famous and have seen them in various environments. ‘re so cute … Down here we also see the wallpaper , a great idea indeed.
If you want to choose more simple accessories childcare unnoticed in more sober or if the small and not so small, you can choose reasons like these, framed in three tables that store the innocence but have a more adult aesthetics.
If you like crafts, you can encourage you to build your own robot from cardboard and paint. Watching this in white, is perfect and it seems to be very nice and friendly. The total white is the trend of this room, white walls and white furniture with decorative bringing a touch of color. futuristic style we also see it in rockets and planets of vinyl wall above the bed.
If your kids are now teenagers but still maintain a close relationship with the robots and want to replace too childish style, this idea is great. The robot is painted on a panel of p izarra the headboard wall.
It’s easy to get hundreds of funny robots to decorate the nursery, just buy a wallpaper like this . If you set the characters are made ​​from recycled materials. What more could you want?
And what about these adorable soft toys for your baby’s crib? Is the whole family. If you are good at making and sewing, you could make them yourself and add details as you see fit: some buttons as eyes, happy or sad, a scar or plaster or a sweet heart.

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