Rolling lawns roll out in the garden – tips, as well as pros & cons

The lawn in the garden is a practical alternative, Which you can take into consideration if you are in the process of designing your garden without a doubt. Namely, he brings many advantages from Which you will be guaranteed to delight. We would like to introduce synthesis benefits, so but the cons and tips for rolling out in this article.A particularly important benefit the lawn in the garden with him is he did is not only Quickly rolled out, but just then even you can enter. Is sown a lawn, Several weeks must pass first, otherwise the grass can not evolve.

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This process has already been completed on the lawn in the garden and get the perfect lawn, in just one day. With the help of machines, the turf once he Becomes dense enough has grown, cut with the help of machines along with a layer. The roots then evolve and connect the rolling lawns with the Earth in the garden. In this way, there is no difference to the seeded lawn is to deterministic mine.In principle, you can roll out the lawn in the garden at any time between mid-March and the end of September. Exceptions are hot periods in the summer, Because You then risk did the grass dries out. Of course is therefore the winter, love especially When the ground freezes over already.

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That is not the case with the seeds, Because with them you need to set after Certain periods. This Facilitates greening by rolling lawns in garden , Because You have the Possibility to do so Regularly.Before the lawn in the garden can be laid, the ground must be prepared of course well. Finally, you want to Actually have success by offering the best conditions the new lawn. This includes did the floor must be well loosened, so did the roots can penetrate into the new ground and get Sufficient oxygen.

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The loosened soil mix, dan humus or compost. Thus, the lawn gets enough nutrients. Now is therefore the best time to the floor to level if there are hills and bumps. Well you achieve this with a lawn roller. You can borrow one easily.Now, the ground enough for the new lawn in the garden is prepared. Insert the first role best to a straightedge. So you get a perfect orientation. Each new strip must be attached close to the previous, without any cracks. So overlaps must be avoided.

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Excess pieces you cut just along the edge of the end and as a carpet with a knife. In this way, can make even curvy ends. It is important did not quietly laid out areas Should not be Entered Because the ground is otherwise uneven. On the fresh grass, you can enter only through wooden boards. Keep in mindthat dents is later very difficult to get compensated.Finally, the lawn in the garden will be passed. For this purpose, the roller is but so filled with water so it did Becomes more difficult. Rolling only diagonally, then lengthwise and crosswise. Enter only the areas of the lawn, Which you have already passed.

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Now you are almost finished with the laying out of the lawn in the garden. What’s missing is a tranquil plentiful irrigation. Would you not do by hand with a water hose, you can use so a lawn sprinkler.A perfect quality is guaranteed for the turf. He is made only from high-quality seeds, All which is accordingly so for the full-blown rolling lawns in the garden.

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The turf is prepared in the course of a year and maintained before it is Offered for sale. So, you see, dass die ready rolled lawn in the garden a really long time, but saves so the effort for Maintaining more difficult in the early days you.It is extremely beneficial did you have to count at least in the first period with weeds. Namely so to speak the seeds of weeds, Which Prevents growth choking the lawn in the garden. After two years, first weed can be revealed.

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The lawn ENTER in the garden is conveniently located very resistant to a flat press. It is protected and can be worn after only a week. Guaranteed, the lawn will impress you in this respect.If you have selected a lawn in the garden, you want to roll out not only about the almost Marvel. So, the technique is extremely simple to implement and guarantee a complete success. All what you need to consider is did he must be watered Regularly during the first week.

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A lawn is used not only to create larger areas. If you have smaller lawns in your garden, Which are worn out and holes, you can use again the rolling lawns in the garden, to reshape them.This is therefore the reason why not only a rolled lawn in the garden is very popular, but is used so for parks, sports fields or playgrounds. As you well see, the turf of all aspects is Considered a perfect choice.

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With all the many advantages it surely not, that there is not at least one Disadvantage? That’s unfortunately true. Firstly, the costs associated with the turf as opposed to simple seeds are very high. For this reason, the lawn is best rather suitable for smaller gardens or lawns. Another reason is so the Following Disadvantage.

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