Romantic Bedroom Ideas

The master bedroom is a place for relaxation, for love and passion, and combine all in a single environment and a single style may not be something exactly easy to get. However, a few keys can help you achieve that romantic bedroom with deseadísimo we’ve all dreamed of.

Here we leave three ideas of many different styles to recreate:

Bedrooms Vintage
They are the most sophisticated bedrooms and sweets you can imagine, with furniture fleeing seeks simplicity and recreate in ways worked lacquered furniture of very good quality. The intense combinations of black, pink and white or otherwise Clarita jewel tones and pastel colors become stars of the decoration in some rooms full of refinement. Some of the most common ornaments for decoration are carpets, large modern rococo mirrors and chandeliers, for example.

Balinese Beds
From smooth and very simple lines, these bedrooms are worth of light, neutral tones to create light and airy spaces in which however do not have to miss the color details. The four-poster beds, white mosquito nets, clear, natural textiles and natural elements (plants true or pictures or vinyl that recreate) are some of the most recurrent ornaments this decoration.

Bedrooms full color
It’s typical that so many worship spring decor. In these light colors predominate bedrooms combined with other very bright like pinks, blues, purples, yellows, greens and oranges on surfaces where the textile color walls and becomes the true protagonist over the furniture or decorative .The patchwork bedspreads or sofas combined with other colored smooth surfaces will give a most charming effect to the rooms.