Romantic decoration for Valentine

Love is in the air and now that Valentine is about easy feel. That’s why I selected this collection of ornaments and decor romantic Valentine and inspire you to decorate your home with lots of love.I love the simplicity, so these ideas are easy and quick to make, without much hassle. In addition, the times are not to splurge, so bring economic ideas to suit all budgets.

Unique Valentine Gifts

Romantic Ideas for Valentine decoration
The first idea is this romantic decorations wooden frame with a heart. You only need 3 boards of wood, a chicken wire and 1 or 2 packages of red napkins, in total less than 10 euros.

valentine heart wred ornaments

To do so is as easy as nailing the boards forming a frame, behind the chicken wire stapled and make this heart putting napkins on the holes in the mesh. You can see the entire process in English,

romantic valentine's day decorations

The first example itself is cheap, but really not that easy and simple … So this second idea is for the busiest, a heart made of balloons. Just helium (it sold in party stores) and about 20 balloons tied with strings at different heights, forming a beautiful heart.

romantic valentines decoration ideas

The next idea is even easier. Many hearts of different colors hanging from the ceiling, forming a really nice backdrop. To do this you need white thread or fishing line, you cut hearts on colored construction paper, gluing and go to different heights of thread. Then just hang them on the wall. Hearts can cut the hand, or if you like scrapbooking buy a machine like the New Big Shot get it done at a time.

Valentines Heart Crafts

You may be thinking that all decorating ideas for valentines I’ve put, can be easy and cheap, but nothing fast. Well here I leave one that fulfills it all, you just have to blow up a bunch of heart-shaped balloons and scatter them around the house.

valentine’s Day Ornaments Crafts

If you have a garden like this idea because it is so original, are painted grass sobe hearts! They are made ​​with flour, so there is no problem because when it rains the earth absorb. To do so simply cutting staff as they explain, in English, on the blog Oh Happy Day .

If you have tinsel Christmas decoration, you can make these hearts for Valentine’s Day with some wire and a stick. Just shape the wire with heart shaped tie him to the post and surround it with tinsel.

Valentine Heart Wreath red ornaments

If you like the DIY (do it yourself) here’s a blanket decorated with hearts for yourself. At first it seems difficult but just make a few stamps cardboard heart-shaped, apply red paint to fabrics and go stamping them on the blanket. You can make different sizes and shapes to make it more fun. You can see the entire process, in English, on page A Beautiful Mess .

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Finally, if you have no time to “build” your own romantic Valentine decor, you can find cool stuff you already have at home and combine, as the following picture.