Romantic French restaurant atmosphere with bamboo That Will Maky You wonderful

The company, which have offices in Tokyo and Paris, have released new images of nacrée, a French restaurant opening in Miyagi, Japan. The interiors of the 163sq m building have many plants and flowers artfully arranged in and around wood and acrylic cylinder “to create an obscure and gentle atmosphere”.


in one decor we add a spot on this restaurant it,s very amazing with bamboo , Meanwhile in the town of Tengchong, China, the company has a spa on Yunfengshan mountain completed, a Holy House of Taoism. The buildings are arranged down the mountain “, as if to follow the current of the mind”. Each structure and path consists of different types are made from stone from a local quarry, put together like a mosaic to express the power of the landscape. The exterior of the 59, 000sq m spa complex called Yunfeng, feature trees and further emphasize the focus on the natural pools.


In China, the Studio also works at the Central Academy of fine arts (CAFA) in Beijing. After Kuma “, proposes to establish a new relationship between people and art through seamless and very diverse exhibition rooms”, the 4, 970sq m Museum. Structures have been developed with cross sections, mix with the mountain slope, the exhibition rooms of the building meaning are seamlessly revealing, as you go through the Museum.


Each covered sections of the Museum by roof tiles recycled from old houses, and other locally available materials such as cedar, in a subtle way in position held with stainless steel wire to give the Museum the appearance of a village. The color is adjusted with the ground of the local tea gardens to continue integrating environment and man-made architecture.