Room colors – reveal what this about our personality?

We find that the theme with the colors of the rooms is discussed much too one-sidedly. It says a great deal about how they affect us. But the whole thing has also another aspect. The colors can also just show what a character we have.

purple colors make rooms ideas girls room wall color carpet

If we again recognize a spiritual psychological level in the shades, then we feel very secure home. From this point of view, there’s actually no absolute universal psychology of colors. Rather, you should recognize what good for you. Either one makes a choice, which is equivalent to the own setting, or but you are looking for nuances that complement them and compensate for the negative sides to bring.

Are you materialistic-oriented?

How would you answer for this question spontaneously? Let see, what do the colours in? The more you tend to the red end of the spectrum, the materialistic you are oriented. Depending on this choice on the blue comes closer, your setting is currently the spiritual and intangible.

Room color ideas bedroom paint pink round carpet

Are you a dynamic or passive set?

The Orange and red colors and all their shades have a dynamic, aggressive and lively. Their impact can also show that you are a daredevil and sometimes very aggressive person. You attract attention like other people. So also your outfit and your interior design should be striking and memorable.

Make Room Nursery Colors red white black linen

If you are a person who rather not intrusive would participate in front of the other, then you have blue nuances surely with you at home. Too much space so the people type at home. You are just a background and those that are really important are the visitors and the residents. To view as a setting, by your choice.

Room color ideas bedroom Pendant lights blue

Creativity is announced

If you use under the room colors on the favorite yellow, then want to not let simply, that it is boring at home with you. You want to have thinking people around them and pull making people themselves through your intellect to the expression.

Room color ideas blue wall color blue white sofa chairs

Work as a main principle

Develop in your life especially through your work? Would you be perceived because as well? We believe work in all aspects – both physically and mentally, both personally and at work. Have you integrated much orange at home as a predominant color or highlights? Her love for the dynamics and work has been expressed.

Room color ideas dark living room wall color sofa glaring accents

Relaxation and contemplation

The relaxation and reflection is just as important as the work to you. You press that, if you decide at home for lots of greenery. This gentle colour symbolizes the connection to nature and the desire to leave the things its ordinary course.

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