Room divider in the nursery – functional division

The establishment of a children’s room is a real challenge for most parents – the room should fulfil several functions, are practically furnished and yet inviting and playful Act. And often, several kids share a room – what creates additional problems. In these cases a room divider in the nursery can be extremely useful – it divides the available space into several zones and ensures that every child can enjoy his privacy.

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So order reigns in the nursery, a clear breakdown of the different areas is a must. Is there is a child, parents should set up a reading area, a play area and a sleeping area. While the experts recommend to separate the sleeping place of the playground. In this case, a small bookcase can be used as a room divider in the nursery. At the same time, it provides storage space for toys and children’s books.

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If two children share a room, the task is a bit more difficult. The nursery in the nu can be divided with a curtain of translucent fabric. So the little ones can enjoy being together and at the same time to preserve your privacy. This variant is also for households, where a baby and a toddler have to share the room – so the small fall asleep much faster.

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So the room divider in the nursery is not too strict, some simple tricks to help:

-A shelving system can be embellished with wall stickers.

-Colorful baskets can be mapped on the shelves

-The curtain can be decorated with chimes and paper garlands.

-The children may assist in the crafting and even determine where to hang the curtain.

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