Room dividers made of wood to the functional decoration of the rooms

A room divider is not only designed to divide a space into two regions. He also has a decorative function and represents an attractive accent in the room. With its help you can wonderfully accent your furnishing style. Specifically, a room divider made of wood also has the property itself, it creates a warm atmosphere. And since this is a popular material, we would like to introduce you to today exactly such designs. Whether out of exotic woods such as bamboo or mahogany or local, a cosy ambiance is guaranteed!

Partitions wooden beamed loft interior staircase living

Aside from panels, or screens you can choose also functional designs for the room divider made of wood. There are shelves where you can make books or even decorations showcase, for example. There are also interesting models, which simultaneously represent a Cabinet and thus additional storage space in the middle of the room, without doing restrictive . Check out the best our ideas for room divider made of wood and inspire you. Some of you are modern designer models, which you can order ready. The others can serve you again as a model, if you want to make your room divider yourself or customize.

Partitions wooden art deco idea butterflies print plans

The tree trunks in cross section are a big trend for quite some time. Why should you use this idea also for the room divider made of wood? There be effective panels with a natural look. Very interesting the wood works when cutting columns arise, which are then closed with a transparent material. So arise designs like these on the upper screen. The room divider can be also turned around its own axis, so that you can more or less be closed depending on the needs.

Dividers from 199 bamboo black wood black modern room idea Partitions wooden abstract design shelf inspiration   Partitions wooden beams dark shelf white kitchen living

Partitions wooden bedroom dresser oranmente chimney cushion Chair

Partitions wooden entrance wooden boards books safari laminate

Partitions wooden hall design geometric pattern carpet wardrobe bench

Partitions wooden maritime means sleeping area blue wall color

Partitions wooden milonga design light shift effect Office living

Partitions wooden nodoo simple wooden slats armchair talk

Partitions wooden pallets patchwork original diy ideas

Partitions wooden plank's gray modern bedroom idea

Partitions wooden ranta semicircular interior idea

Partitions wooden room divider Antico Trentino bright colorful bamboo laminate colors

Partitions wooden Severin metal fireplace stood tiles fischgraetenmuster

Partitions wooden shelf idea kitchenware storage

Partitions wooden squares gaps designing stimulus living gray sofa

Partitions wooden wardrobe bedside cabinet interiors bedrooms

Partitions wooden white Bookcase decorations living room furniture

Room dividers cute stairtread white wood paisley

Room dividers floating effect cabinet wood white piano sideboard

Room dividers from bole wood of Trentino antico design original

Room dividers from elegant beige blue chair wooden apartment coffee table

Room dividers from gray laminate wood seating area kitchen island

Room dividers from idea seating area couch wood patchwork brown

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Room dividers wood bright decoration coffee table glass curtains

Room dividers wood modern wood dark glazing beads aluminum

Room dividers wood pattern idea exotic dining room chair chandelier red

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Rotating door cabinet solid wood dark shade Hall Furniture ceiling-high

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Wooden partition industrially cut off bookcase floor lamp