Rules for Beginners in decoration

The interior may seem difficult but it is not. What you need is inspiration and time. If you want to give a new look to a room, to the kitchen or bathroom encourage to try our advice. Never been easier to decorate with so few details.


Rules for Beginners in decoration

1. A special touch on the walls
No need to paint the walls to change the decor of our room. Although if you want to, you can wallpaper a wall and paint the other three. You can also paint the ceiling a different color than the walls. Another option, the most comfortable, is to decorate the wall with a decorative vinyl.



Two. Blinds and curtains
Curtains and Blinds are a must in any decor. You can place them in different colors to furniture or walls, get him a special touch to our decor. In the kitchen you can combine the colors with tablecloths and cushions for the chairs.

Blinds and curtains

Roman Blinds Display



Three. Sense of space
Sometimes decorating involves removing items in the room and highlight and unique features such as works of art. It’s minimalist trend and is very easy to transform your living room. The design of Noma, is a great idea for a minimalist decor, with classic Chesterfield with a central table and a work of Cachaldora make the room look much bigger and brighter.



April. Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important things in decorating. Placing lamps over the dining table a touch of warmth aporias. Also we recommend you to fly the points of entry of natural light. You can also hang a mirror on the wall to get more light in the room.

interior lighting

interior lighting ideas

May. Decorative elements
You can decorate your walls with framed photographs in different sizes and shapes. If you like prints, instead of pictures you can frame different fabrics, which will make your stay a unique and fun room. A very original idea is to place only the frames and combine them with decorative vinyl.


Decorative elements

June. Wrought iron headboards
The wrought iron headboards and vintage decorations are a rising trend. We have discount coupons for store decoration Beltran where you will find all you need for a touch to your home.