Rural living in a modern, Mediterranean villa on Mykonos

Villa “Artisti” is a beautiful Mediterranean villa, located in the province of Agaru, in Mykonos, Greece. Through modern architecture and interior, luxury and high living comfort are ensured. Furthermore, the house is characterised by the style and materials typical of the region. Rural living and minimalist ambience in white blend together creating a harmonious, relaxed atmosphere.

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Mykonos is the largest city on the Greek island with the same name and is located on the south east coast. It is one of the most popular Greek islands of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea and provokes with a very special holiday feeling. On Mykonos, many of the friendly atmospheres are very impressed. Beautiful, Mediterranean and quiet have a few days there an incomparable recovery effect. That is why it is not surprising why many international stars spend their holidays in Mykonos. There are few places in the world that present the spectacle of the expansive horizon as on this Greek island.

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The white houses with typical blue roofs, the natural stone walls, the small streets of the rocky landscape and the famous windmills have a pleasant and soothing effect. The natural elements of the architecture harmoniously blend with the surroundings. The modern, Mediterranean villa “Artisti” is located not far from the sea. The fantastic location offers truly breathtaking sunrises and views of the Aegean Sea. From the terrace on the second floor, you can see the azure blue sea from above. On the other side and facing the country is a fantastic infinity pool with a spacious, partly covered terrace also available. There you can enjoy the beautiful weather or spend pleasant moments with friends and family in the open air.

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