Rustic wood furniture

The rustic wooden furniture are solid structures and veins volume where the type of wood chosen look with all its charm and color. The furniture of this type are protected with opaque transparent protective lacquer to seal the natural porosity of the wood retaining their colors and avoiding staining. Rustic furniture are part of a classic decor but it never gets old. Today, this type of furniture is not only common in rural and country homes, but can be seen in a flat in a city center. With ideas and tips, we can restore any furniture without losing its rustic touch. We can also take a piece of furniture of this style and give a radical change, to provide a modern and design or, conversely, give one an aged less classical style. Here you can find all kinds of creations and ideas.


The rustic furniture designs are wood lines and looks natural state is whatever the chosen style. Furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, kitchens, outdoor patios and even the bathrooms can be made ​​with rustic techniques with soft or hard wood of a different color.The rustic wooden furniture are often used in garden or countryside where the rooms are spacious and light colors allow the showcasing of this kind of furniture and color volume.

The strength, durability, beauty and warmth of this type of furniture you make them favorites so fond of the styles defined and natural. The rustic wooden furniture resisting the use and the passage of time without being affected by having solid constructions, volume and type of hardwood used in construction. Lasting furniture such permits can be traded many times and second-hand, there are many deals to be found in architectural magazines and decorations in the sectors grouped notices intended for dedicated to buying and selling used furniture .

When decorating our home we can choose different styles of furniture, including rustic wooden furniture, which give a touch of simplicity, warmth and rustic to any space.

In HogarTotal’ve seen some ideas to furnish our home, whether the kitchen, the bathroom, and even saw some modern rustic furniture. Today I propose to see some rustic wood furniture. This type of furniture is ideal for rustic lodges or resorts, places where no detail is sought but the comfort and functionality.

The rustic wooden furniture second hand can be found also in the special online pages intended for home decoration furniture sector used or second hand. The natural wood rustic furniture offered and sought in these areas are second in the preferences of stakeholders in furnishing decorating personality environments after the traditional French furniture styles of the times of Louis XIV and Louis XV of 1710 .






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