Safari hut out of driftwood for a comfortable vacation

This Safari hut out of driftwood is called Sandibe Okavango and located in Botswana. The design aims to write perfectly in the environment. This can be achieved mainly through the depths of much wood that has been processed to striking and dramatic forms. This creates a sculpturelook likeĀ . The Safari hut out of driftwood accommodates all 12 suites and has a main living area, which consist of light driftwood and have a striking bar with curved shape.

Driftwood Living Idea safari lodge design outdoor

Equally impressive is the large seating area out of driftwood has as well a curved shape and form a semicircle. In the evening, a romantic and cosy atmosphere thanks to the rustic lighting especially resulting lanterns. Power is backed up by a solar system. The impressive, bright design of Safari hut was a collaboration between Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman from driftwood. It is a contrast to the otherwise rather dark facilities in this area.

Driftwood bar white shape organic parquet lamp fell barstool

Driftwood bedroom ambience hot bedcurtains lamps

Driftwood Terrace Pool safari cottage luxury tree

huette driftwood lounge seat swing Fireplace Parquet

huette seating area Fireplace lanterns driftwood couch Romantic atmosphere

huette terrace driftwood Design Bridge lake safari

safari Driftwood corridor parquet wardrobe design simple

safari hut driftwood brick design staircase organic form

safari hut driftwood cottage idea Design Nature elephants

safari hut driftwood elephant steppe Botswana

safari hut out of driftwood beams interior light arc