Save your work by renting your tools

in France, the average use of an electric drill is only one hour per year. Making very many DIY tools generates a significant industrial pollution and their purchase is relatively expensive. So rather than buy, why not borrow or share your tools?


The bricothèque: an area of ​​lending and trade
Concept of bricothèque
The bricothèque is as follows:

The term “bricothèque” comes from the contraction of the words ” DIY ” and “library.”
In this place special praise all the tools you need to achieve your painting, odd jobs, cleaning or gardening screwdrivers, lawn, sander …
Lent tools are of good quality and maintained regularly by the Board. Heavily damaged or worn tools are, in turn, replaced.
You can also save money by keeping your tools in order to maximize your rental home that you may have used one or very few times purchase.
Good to know : in addition to the loan, many bricothèques offer workshops led by experts or passionate volunteers who promote and support the social bond feed.


Sharing conditions
A bricothèque works in much the same way as a library. As such, it must meet certain conditions:

Subscribe to a Subscription approximately € 5 per year .
Consider a cost of € 2-10 per tool borrowed , plus a deposit.
Duration of the loan is generally limited to 3 or 4 days.
Note : Some authorities neighborhood that offer these services are even free. For more information, check with the National Liaison Committee of district authorities.


An alternative to bricothèque: exchange of tools between individuals on the Internet
If you can not find bricothèque near you, you can use the services for exchange or houses to rent. On the Internet, sites put related suppliers and demanders.


You can provide your own tools for rent or exchange and financial return your purchase.
Registration is usually free to the tenant as the owner of the tools.
The owner sets himself the rental price: daily, weekend or week.