Scaling the heights of this magnificent penthouse

Designer Thomas Griem signature TG-Studio studied in Berlin and London and has designed interiors for shops, restaurants and hotels. One of his last projects was the transformation of an attic, in a magnificent apartment in the St Pancras Chambers building, one of London’s most iconic buildings. Here we show the amazing transformation …


Does working in a listed building is more difficult?
Such buildings are very interesting to me, because I believe they are of international importance. A building of this nature is frozen in time, but must be protected and must make sure that the changes you make to it will not affect the special interest shown to the public.

What is this apartment?
The ceiling height is over 12 meters, and there are three levels of terraced housing. The ground floor and first floor are for rest and recreation and are connected by an intermediate ladder. Upstairs are the bedrooms, each with its corresponding one with dressing room and suite.

Have you preserved many elements of the original structure?
We cover pine parquet floor with new oak, but try to be as faithful as possible to the original structure within the possibilities that we had to design this great loft. We have kept all doors including handles and lintels. We have also kept details of the fireplace in the dining room, renovated and restored all double glazed windows for entering the isolation and of course we have cleansed all the wooden structure of the house.

We love the stairs, could you tell us about the combination of these in the structure of the loft?
The staircase connects the floors from low to high and is made of oak. In some areas incorporates library and storage space also has a seating area for reading in the lower level. We had to fix the stairs to the main walls produce a floating effect, as it was too heavy to support four plants.

This seems like a good meeting area …
We can observe a comfortable sitting area and an area for the pool table, a collector’s item.

A very original bedroom, can be uncomfortable for guests?
True, it has a panoramic view of the entire apartment, but why there is an opaque curtain closes if power covers the entire view of the dining room and provides more privacy.

The idea of ​​dressing is superb! How was it created?
The cabinet is made of MDF, veneered in brushed and oiled oak and has details in beige leather. The handles are built into the same cabinet doors and one of these, there is a mirror on the inside.

How did you choose the scheme of the bathroom?
The walls and floor are covered with large Portuguese travertine tiles. The stone colors ranging from beige range, through yellow to dark brown shades. The placement of the tiles following color schemes intended to create additional lines of three colors to give the illusion of a smooth immersion on earth.

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