Scandinavian Interior ideas 2014

The Scandinavian or Nordic style decorative style is self Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is a style born in the early twentieth century and remains until today with some variations.


This decorative style takes on the characteristics that printed materials from the area, regional crafts and the landscape of these areas.

This area was conducive to the development of the design industry that gave birth to renowned architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton and Alvar Aalto, among others.
The Scandinavian-style interior designer Carlo is attributed to Larsson. This style combines the neutral colors of regional landscapes with a slightly aged appearance.


Scandinavian interior features:
The architecture and interior design of these countries is determined by climate and geographical location.
The poor natural light and long winters force the interiors are spacious and bright, so you must prioritize the use of natural light. For this reason, the dominant color is white, followed by light shades to illuminate the various rooms allow. This also affects the use of the materials must also be light colored, light-colored woods. Details of vibrant colors like red are permitted, to provide clear details that stand out from the rest of the decor blue.
The materials and textures from nature and geography. In textile flax and cotton, which serve to support designs plaids or stripes are used, also for floreal drawings and prints with repetitive light backgrounds.

Grrek style woodburning stove

The style seeks to combine the traditional with the modern to achieve characteristic environments.
The functionality is above other aspects, so that large windows are used to facilitate the entry of natural light. The ceilings are often high and the rooms spacious.
The floors are preferably light wood and neutral tones, to contribute to the generation of large spaces and light environments.
The furniture is straight, clean lines that are combined with smooth curves that produce balanced and welcoming environments.
The decorative accessories are very simple, the preferred materials are ceramics and glass.

Classic living room scheme

Classic white kitchen diner

Classic white kitchen

Picture frame wallpaper

Rustic stove

White kitchen diner

White living room

White bedroom scheme

White bedroom

scandinavian kitchen table

scandinavian long room

scandinavian loveseat

scandinavian style bed

scandinavian style cookspace

scandinavian style family room

scandinavian style fun

scandinavian style kitchen

scandinavian style shelving

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stick lounger

scandinavian home view

scandinavian white living room book shelf

white dining room