Screen for the garden – 20 ideas for a mobileview protection

if you want to change your privacy in your own garden or patio area is true, then a screen for garden is the easiest and most cost effective decision for you. Further More screens not only for a visual protection, but you can therefore serve as decoration and beautify the outdoor area. In the Following we give you ideas and tips to the different variants for materials and designs of the screens.

paravent garden face shield painted image mountain ocean individually

A screen for the garden is in comparison to the room divider in the apartment Significantly more resilient and robust. In the outdoor area are weather conditions: such as rain and wind to note, THEREFORE you shoulderstand select a suitable material, the weather is hard. One Possibility would be to opt for a folding screen made of wood to decide. Elements Made of solidwood, fixed with stainless steel joints, create a moving screen, the on demand wavy or straight. So He has a beautiful look perfect with wooden garden furniture combined.
The screen is Usually a two- to five-piece folding design, free and move. So it can be used for different purposes as required. For example, you can use your patio area in front of the prying eyes of Their neighbors protect. Even if the selected model is not completely Call opaque, it offers a Sufficient visibility protection.

paravent garden hinge modern wood batyline fabric stainless steel

Depending On its design, can be a screen for garden plus against sun and wind protection side. Of course we are talking about a complete protection, but the mobility of the screens Allows to adjustment to the weather conditions in every single moment.

In the immediate vicinity of the many swimming pools are outdoor showers, a view protection need. In this area you can make a wooden screen did Provides for more privacy. A suitable design of the view protection Combines it with the rest of the pool area and is Considered as a part of the interior.

paravent garden itself shutters make tie

Do you want your fence with something creative and homemade decorate? For you we have a DIY project, the old window shop in a beautiful folding screen transforms. It can be mount flower vases or even a vertical garden design.

A screen for garden You Can Quickly and Easily build. For this purpose you need old window shutters, Possibly in similar colors, with its garden interior match. The number of load window depends on how many parts you want for the screen. Most of the shutters have already drilled bolt holes, but if this is not the case, you will need a drilling machine. You can bind to a strong string or wire. This is the screen Quickly assembled and in winter for storage be disassembled.

paravent garden make itself doors flow pot hanging pots floral patio

The shutters look nice and can be decorated. The finished screen may thus serve to Impurities or protruding cable around the house to hide.

This decorative screen for garden is quiet an idea to build. It besteht of doors with hinges are tied together. You can Furtherwirt elegant shelf carrier on the doors and attach hanging pots are connected. With a few plants containers on the ground is a beautiful area with flowers in the garden or on the terrace.

paravent garden make use old shutters upcycling diy

paravent garden metal laser-cut modern flexible face protection

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Paravent garden mobile garden furniture range wood patio carpet

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paravent garden rattan weather proof opaque face protection patio area

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paravent garden three-piece rattan patio area complete face protection

paravent garden wood patio area face protection shutters rocking chairs plants

paravent garden wood wood afford effective face protection pool area

paravent garden yourself old shutters bottles of flowers

screen garden canvas fabric sunshade opaque face protection

screen garden metal corten steel stainless optic tree bird motif

screen garden metal laser-cut lace motif white wooden bench

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