Seating area with fireplace in the garden – 50 tips and ideas

A fire pit in the garden is without a doubt a beautiful highlight in the outdoor area. It Ensures hot radiance and cozy atmosphere outside, and can be used of course very convenient at barbecues or social garden parties. First, Should You Choose Which function would satisfy a search and plans Whether there is enough space. The fireplace in the garden must not be in close proximity to Neighboring buildings Because of fire danger and smoke annoyed, Their installation is even banned in some settlements.

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First, You Should Find the right location in your garden. Find a matching 1.5 meters distance from shrubs, trees, fences, etc. First a pit with a minimum depth of 40 cm and a diameter of Approximately 1 would have to be raised from 1.5 meters. On the surface of the fireplace and sand at least five centimeters can be laid stones. Clinker, natural or paving stones can be used perfectly. The aesthetic design of the fireplace in the garden is left to you. Especially, of course has a fireplace made of untreated stones in round or rectangular shape. On the other hand many modern variant offer for fire shells made of metal, stone or terracotta. Some care is required so as regular shaking of ash and wood residues. A guard or a lid is during the cold months Protect the fire pit in the garden.

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After using any fire pit in the garden Should be cleaned diligently. Wait until the Hearth cools. Water are you allowed to shake When it comes to not fire Bowl. Tip: Let the fire pit in the garden without supervision and be always sure that the fire is extinguished completely Call.

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