Seating in the garden modern and comfortable

Every hobby gardener dreams of the warm summer time – then the opportunity to marvel at the secluded garden with scented plants and splendid flowers, to welcome birds and butterflies and to spend pleasant evenings with friends and family outside. A permanent seating position makes it possible – in particular, the location, the flooring and the visibility play a decisive role in well-being. We show you as inspiration 37 ideas for modern seating in the garden.


Ideal for seating in the garden is a location on the edge of the garden so that the complete garden can be admired. If the property borders the neighbouring house, it makes sense to shield the corner with a wall or a garden fence. The plants are also crucial for the feeling of well-being – some scented plants like roses can attract wasps. If the garden is large, then the seat should be located near the house. Furthermore, the terrain inclination plays a big role – is the garden with slope, then a garden bench can be installed at the end of the retaining wall.

As soon as the location for the new seating area in the garden is established, it can start – first the site is embedded, then a suitable flooring laid / gravel, paving stones or also wood /. The backside is screened with a screen / higher wooden fence or concrete wall, the furniture is arranged. If the lounge corner in the garden is planned as a permanent seat, then a concrete or Cortenstahl garden bench with wooden top can be installed. A fireplace creates a cosy atmosphere, a fountain relaxes the senses.

Seating - im- garden- modern ideas-bench Seating-in-the-garden-chair-ideas-lawn Seating-in-the-garden-gravel-bamboo-visibility-wooden furniture Seating-in-the-garden-ideas-garden bench Seating-in-the-lawn-garden-terrace-garden-deco Seatings-in Garden Canopy Pergola Ideas Seatings-in Garden concrete bank timber support-modern Seatings-in Garden concrete bench wood Tower Fire Pit Seatings-in Garden garden bench-slope Seatings-in Garden garden bench-stone wall Seatings-in Garden modern rattan wood fence greening Seatings-in Garden schoener Lookout corner Seatings-in Garden without Canopy backyard Seatings-in Garden wooden bench Lighting Ideas Seatings-in-garden modern garden bench wood paving stones Seatings-in-garden modern garden bench-concrete fire bowl Seatings-in-garden pool with wall-screening Seatings-in-garden sunbed boxwood wooden terrace Seatings-in-garden-bench-green-planted-wall Seatings-in-garden-fireplace-furniture-wood fence Seatings-in-garden-gravel garden-sofa-round-concrete fire bowl Seatings-in-garden-modern-chairs-table-metal wooden fence terrace Seatings-in-garden-modern-ideas-curtains design Seatings-in-garden-modern-under-tree-ideas Seatings-in-garden-modern-with-wall-wood garden bench Seatings-in-garden-romantic rattan daybed concrete bench