Secrets for you to paint your accent wall well

The accent wall … when well made is a way to add interest to a space, but many times it seems that we are afraid to paint with that color that we like and therefore chose to apply a point and then “wash” with any neutral.


To achieve this detail well the first thing to know is that it says is “accent”. Well, it’s because we want to draw attention to this space, and therefore it is very important that we select the wall very well want to accentuate. Then Colorn spice shares three secrets you for you to become an expert in applying  accent walls:


 Choose the best accent wall:
Notes architecture: this is your best guide to choose which wall should use. Start by asking questions such as, What is the wall with the most interesting architectural element? What is the focal point? For example in a bedroom wall that should be emphasized is the holding back of the bed.


Now, it is important that the accent wall has well-defined limits: Never make the mistake of starting a long wall with two colors of paint without the separate corner or other architectural element. The most difficult areas to treat are the open plan, which not necessarily will benefit from the use of an accent wall.
Two. Choose well the color you intend to use:
Try this color is repeated at least twice in the room. Do not choose the accent color inspired first without the other elements already chose for your decor as art, embellishments and fabrics. It is important that the other color that combines the accent wall also complement the decor of your space and that they do not compete with each other: sometimes you can choose the same accent color but in three lower tones, or choose one of the neutral you already have in other rooms of the house.


The accent wall does not have to be a solid color. The designs such as stripes, zig zag and large-scale stencils or special finishes such as raffia or linen finish are also a way to accentuate and create texture and depth.

Remember that the ceiling could be an excellent place to put a different color that accentuates your decorative set (as long as it has well-defined limits as well).