Separating the living room

At present, the spaces of the houses are not as wide and the departments are small , therefore, we see the need of having to adapt to these new trends. For many years, the style of the house with the dining and living in the same environment is widely used, and only need to have the appropriate destination to decorate this room checking each of the areas.


First, an imaginary divide these two areas, and try to be the same size and then placing the main furniture in the room in a corner of the dining room and in the opposite corner.Locate the dining area near the door leading to the kitchen to avoid being going around the room when we are preparing the table or have to take the dishes from one place to another.

Generally, there is the area of the room near the windows or areas where there is more light.


Slowly placing furniture sees each of the areas respecting the delimitation of spaces you did initially and then you can put furniture that integrates, as a small separator bookstore or library, or the back of a long sofa that marks the limit.

Preferably used L-shaped sofas to maximize the corners and condition of the room TV modular furniture or cabinets that enter multiple items and not have to occupy other spaces.

Finally, the lighting can be differentiated for each of these spaces, ie the room that hold a distinct style which is applied in the dining room.


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modern decorating living room