Set in black and white – minimalist luxury apartment

A color combination remains timeless currently and stylish no matter in what way. Black and white set, the ultimate choice is when a renovation or reconstruction of the building. Monochrome bright shade make rooms seem friendly and brighten them visually. Accents and special design elements come more to the fore, when placed in contrast with the environment. Objects or furniture in black are to design centers and provide the personal character of the apartment.

Black furnish apartment luxury living room spiral staircase modular couch decorative fireplace immured

A successful recipe for stylish home is set in black and white and bring high-contrast accents and decorations. Simple white walls, black shelves and photos, clean lines and shapes suggest designers all over the world and put these principles in practice.

Black furnish apartment luxury bathroom freestanding bath vintage wash cabinet minimalist

A spacious luxury apartment in the building is great example of modern reconstruction in the minimalist look without the typical characteristics, such as stucco, lattice Windows and brick wall, to “eliminate”. Architectural conditions have been reinterpreted in a very reduced way and placed in the other simple furniture and modern parts. The entire living area is divided in two levels and two sets of stairs lead – on the one hand the already existing has been refurbished and clad in a grey wood look, on the other hand bends from the living room a futuristic spiral staircase, like contemporary sculpture.

Black furnish apartment luxury bedroom fitted wardrobe spots bed pillow

Black furnish apartment luxury Garret skylight vintage of brick window Conservatory

Black furnish apartment luxury kitchen spots window wood floor kitchen counter stool

Black furnish apartment luxury minimalist furnishings cot functional

Black furnish apartment minimalist spots kitchen counter stool spots floorboards sliding door

Black furnish apartment-luxury living room fireplace candles carpet contrasty

Black luxury apartment set up nursery wooden floor brick roof sloping desk

Black set up flat attic spiral staircase living room sofa-carpet flooring gray

Black set up flat attic staircase living room minimalist spots skylights

Black set up flat attic stairs skylights monochrome colors

Black set up house luxury modern living room sofa of modular carpet gray decorative fireplace candles

kitchen set up black minimnalistisch kitchen counter stool wooden floor fitted wardrobes-sliding door

Setting black bedroom floorboards fitted wardrobe curtains spots bed carpet

Setting black white luxury minimalism living room modular couch fireplace fitted together

Setting fitted black white living room couch modular center room kitchenette