Set up small rooms – 22 sqm one-room apartment in Taiwan

A clever planning of is key to the success is in the confined space. However, the task is difficult properly, if space is only a is and as all ordinary activities, such as sleeping, cooking, bathing, etc. must be met. The only variant to optimize the low space, interior design is to measure, according to the individual needs of the resident.

Setting small space studio couch window immured

If you need to set up small rooms, the following example will serve you as a real source of inspiration.

The architects and designers of ‘a little design’ deal with small premises which optimize them to bring anything useful under one roof. This apartment in Taipei, Taiwan has about 22 square meters of living space and is a typical urban Studio. The simple, but very sustainable construction uses the full height of the room and not crowded the room.

Setting small studio space white bathroom tiles

The simple design characterized as an important element of style, limited to two materials – Light wood finish and matt white surface. The handles, paint of all cabinets and doors let the individual modules as part of a whole. There is a place for learning or working, even for books and others that can be reached by a ladder, search as in the great library.

small space up kostruktion studio height stairs space

The window recess is designed as a sitting area and right next narrow table with space for two, where you could dine or work. It forms the living area. Toward him are the kitchen and then the bathroom. About this in the room height is the bed with a small table as a shelf. You reach the sleeping place by stairs, who thus serves as a partition between the bathroom and kitchen.

small space up studio kitchen kitchen cabinets white handleless

In each area the same harmonic, which is achieved by the simple shapes and soft shades of the bright atmosphere. Thesis clever space planning just proves that life comfort must not be sacrificed in the small square, ” only redesigned.

Setting small space studio sleeping bedded room height construction

small set space studio sleeping bed construction night lamps

small set space studio wood library wall stair ladder

small start-up studio space bathroom sink white

small start-up studio space bed bedside lamp wood

small start-up studio space kitchen bathroom whitewood

Studio set up small space workplace wood desk