Set up with  gray color more than melancholy!

The grey color was recognized years ago hardly a separate color. It was a mixture of dark black and bright white. No further discussion. Point. No emotions, which brought the color, no impression that she made, no richness that awakened something in human memory. Later, the gradations between pure white and pure black were known exactly as grayscale. Today there are many shades of grey colour, among these: anthracite ash, concrete gray, Feldgrau, dove gray, grey, smoke grey, Slate Grey, silver grey.

bedroom wall design gray color

But what could we say about the importance of color? Due to your lack of certain emotions associated with this human condition, indicating fatigue, listlessness, lack of motivation. In the color psychology, the gray color Gets a different idea: is associated with concepts such as mind, restraint and respectability. This effect comes when the fellow speakers, if you wore grey. In the design of the apartment, the color gets different functionality in conjunction with the saturation of the nuances:

bathroom gray color design

bathroom gray color

bedroom gray color

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cabinet Aleal gray color

chair modern gray color decor

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chair modern gray color

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curtains gray color

decorative pillow gray color

desk gray color

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sofa gray farbe.png

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