Setting up small spaces – Useful Tips and tricks

You could do everything from an apartment of maximum 40 square meters. Even you were theoretically able to accommodate any functional premises there. Clearly, there is sometimes a symbolic, reduced to a, be a fold-down solution. Times, there will be a king-sized bed, a sofa bed times. Many pieces could also “hiking”, if they are on a roll. As well, anyway. But in principle you could do a lot of your 40 meters. In our today’s article, see our tips for small spaces set up.

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Female or male?

Multifunctional solutions, you can’t lose the personal style. Because you want Yes feel at home, isn’t it? There is the masculine minimalism as a method. Clean surface and hiding all the details are there. Plain and decided to let them sometimes easier to integrate into a small room set up. It would be typical male, for example, to enlarge the room surfaces and shades through the metallic. In the women you would rather fine curtains, mirror and other such gentle Visual deceptions put.

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The conversion ability

Be careful! Folding and conversion-oriented furniture can become a kind of mania in some people. But if you do this for its own sake, you risk that the individuality of the whole absolutely loses. Sometimes, permanent installation solutions are much better. Also, this is cheaper. The mechanisms of folding furniture are expensive to some.

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Use the natural features of the architecture of space separation

In many small apartments, one has a tricky wall constellation. Such homes are often so small because architects have divided the rooms within a building in conventional homes. When one learns to use it to their advantage the apartment can be just lovely. From the dark little places, wonderful niche or place can be for integrated wardrobes.

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Ceiling-high shelves, window, furniture, room divider

As many elements should follow high concepts. Because the architecture may seem everything else bruchhaft. If you want to separate the room or build a wardrobe, pull best consider solutions ranging from the floor-to-ceiling.

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As little as possible may lie on the ground

Many things may lie on the ground. Install lights and other moveable structures on the walls. So the ambience will feel much comfortable and spacious. You need this to be able to breathe freely. The wall should be at best a flat screen.

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It may be not dark

The small room, so would have to set up that he is not dark. If you have a natural light source, she should be crossed with nothing at all. The best you should try even by mirror effects to better integrate them into the House. Continue to please bring a recessed lighting and just bright, best shiny fabrics and decoration of these materials to every dark corner. Thus, you can distribute the gloom from your little paradise in the real and figurative sense of the word.

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The color scheme

Let also to briefly take us. There are nuances that are lighter and they can make wider your room. That is relative, however, mirror effects and pastel shades can also more spacious are the narrow range. Especially combining the nuances of the floor and the walls is important. This should be expanded and not each other “close”. Usually, the whole thing should be completed by ‘light’ decoration.

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