Setting with solid wood furniture – relax in a natural setting

The nature in your own four walls is obtained with wood – the material forms a comfortable ambience, gives the Interior warmth and comfort and ensures a healthy room climate. Maybe that’s why setting up with solid wooden furniture is in recent years strongly in vogue. But be careful – not every piece of furniture made of wood is considered to be solid. What is actually behind the term and what pretty high quality without realizing pollutants find out is in the article.

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The term “Solid wooden furniture” / solid wood furniture called / is regulated in the DIN norm 68871 expressly. Pieces of furniture which are not veneered and solid wood furniture except drawer floors and back completely manufactured from solid wood. This individual, non-visible structural parts may be made from softwood.
Solid wood/timber/itself will be worked out from the cross section of a tree trunk – milled slats and rods are first stored and dried, and then processed to panels. While a chemical, as well as a mechanical treatment are excluded. The most important advantage of this processing is because that this natural material its properties proven.
In contrast, plywood, MDF and fibreboard are made from crushed pieces of wood. The natural material changes its properties – that’s why these are marked as wood-based materials and not as solid wood.

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Solid wood breathes and regulates the humidity in the room;
-Solid wood contains no pollutants, repels dust and is therefore a good choice for allergy sufferers;
-Solid wood furniture is extremely durable and long-lasting;
-Some solid Woods like pine have a very pleasant smell of the resin;

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Even if the furniture is produced according to the DIN norm 68871, that is not automatically, to meet other quality standards and sustainability principles. These criteria should therefore play a role in the choice of furniture:
-Sustainability – come from the wood from certified farms? At prestigious retailers such as Allnatura, great emphasis is placed on it.
The furniture / included accessories such as mattresses and upholstery are – harmful substances – / really tested and without pollutants?
– How will the wood surface treatment – it is provided with a seal or advise the manufacturer to a treatment with wax and oil / the second variant is actually beneficial, because so the wood can breathe /.

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Solid wood furniture can be used over a lifetime with proper care. And it should start from the first day – first the furniture in a dry, well-ventilated room for 24 hours must be provided. Then arrange the furniture in the living room/sleeping area so that each piece of furniture is evenly exposed to the rays of the Sun – so it can not be irregular discoloration. The cleaning in everyday life is very simple – with a dry cloth wipe the furniture, remove stains with wood SOAP.

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