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The loft space is functional and versatile which is implemented inside the apartments have high ceilings that, following the proposed regulations and defined by state and municipality of the country where the home is located (see also: Mezzanine: when you can build your loft  ). The floor of the loft creates an intermediate space that helps to add a certain type of atmosphere environment, defining an additional setting in the same site.

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Even small rooms can be decorated by raised platforms that reduce the problems of space, the platform can be useful as a second bedroom, home office, or for a library presenting the ideal solution to the social space and defining a double height living room, also benefit for expansive views.

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The Algarrobos House of Jose Maria Saez and Daniel Moreno Flo-ores wooden loft is built under the skylight. It is located above the kitchen and the dining room, the platform is made ​​of all wood beams equal, flooded with natural light that floods in through the large windows.

Great Loft in Barcelona´s Gothic

House of Stella Carter Williamson Architects has tall windows that highlight the beauty of open space, natural light through. The loft is used as a large bedroom, it is a very light covering the kitchen area at the bottom.

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In a previous post, dedicated to this small apartment of 29 sqm Polish we have drawn attention to the loft, which according to the structural scheme has been incorporated into the design and structure of the apartment. The architectural firm 3XA , the project failed to solve the problem of space, putting on a hallway to the bathroom and a loft bedroom, with attention to style and furnishing of the problems have been solved reduced environment.

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In the apartment of the San Francisco loft is visible and made ​​from elegant clear glass that creates a visual connection with respect to the living space below. The architectural firm  Edmonds & Lee , studied progettualmente the loft, where a double bedroom a bathroom and a library come to life.

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In France in Marseille this apartment pays tribute to the great artist and architect Le Corbusier, we have a chance to see it thanks to the photos made ​​public by ‘ Living Agency , who has photographed. The walls darker than the white ceiling of the loft and wood beam, make an elegant and refined design.


minimalist apartment with essential and without it, the loft is in this case used as an office. High creativity of Studioata , design studio.This loft has been renovated by the Dutch architects Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel . It was an old Dutch historic church, with very high ceilings where the singers took their places for religious songs, then fitted in the loft to loft inhabited. In the loft was organized a bathroom with a large tub.

Unique vintage loft home

Maxim Zhukov designed this industrial loft accents for himself. It ‘a single apartment and the choice was to study a loft for his study. This office space is used
above the bed, simple stairs lead to a small loft with a single rail oriented towards the window.

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Le Couvent Loft is a former convent. It was founded in 1750 by Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, 25 square meters were derived from a large space and show an elegant lounge on the mezzanine and below the kitchen and the large living room.

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A large loft in Toronto designed by Buildall Construction , Wrigley Loft is an open space with kitchen overlooking the living room and office doors with glass above the loft used as a bedroom. The choice is clear glass balustrade, is able to change the atmosphere of the living room.

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Built in 1960 and renovated apartment in New York from the study New York Urban Retreat . It ‘was restructured by Paul Rudolph, who has studied a loft that could be used as a living room, the railing is transparent, glass and allows the visual merge and direct connection to the floor below.

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