Shower Bathtub: What kind of wash are you?

Daily hygiene is important. This is what most people know and take the washing under the shower or in the bath in their usual everyday life. If you ask different people, whether they prefer showering or bathing, one meets two camps. While some are swarming with the merits of a hot bath, the others swear by the refreshing shower. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both washing variants and what type of washing are you?

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One of the outstanding advantages of showers is probably the time savings. On average, people shower about six minutes. Furthermore, here water consumption is generally much lower than in a bath. You also save energy in the shower because, after all, there are not so many litres of water that needs to be heated. The cost factor, therefore, plays a decisive role, not without reason, there are numerous tips in the network to shorten the shower time and save even more. In addition, showers, especially when it is a ground-like variant, are also very space-saving.

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One of the other unbeatable advantages of the shower is the more thorough cleaning. The dirt is rinsed directly from the body. The upper end does not strain the showers heart and circulation so strongly and one comes out afterwards refreshed. The disadvantages of showers are the lower comfort compared to a bathtub. Stretching out and reading a book with candle light is not possible here. This point can, however, be differentiated again. After all, luxurious rain showers and chic glass cabin showers offer a certain comfort.

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