Shower curtains for romantic bath

Are you looking for accessories to create a romantic style in your bathroom? Well I want to lend a hand and for this I have prepared an excellent collection of shower curtains elegant and full of romance. Besides a colorful soft texture also inspires them gently through the cotton with which they are carried all. The fringes, frills and embroidery are characteristic touches of these curtains, and are details that give it just so ideal that special charm.

romantic Shower curtains

In the gallery accompanying the article you will find many and varied shower curtains for a romantic atmosphere . If you find some that you like it do not hesitate to go to the web Anthropologie , because there you can buy them all.

The best way to relax after a hard day is to spend a relaxing time in a bathroom romantic style. Want to get this special touch in this area of ​​the house so special? Here we show a set of guidelines to help you create that romantic bathroom we’re looking for. This kind of style do not understand fashion, it is always tendency, and combines well with other decorative trends.

The first thing to consider is the color of the bathroom. What colors are appropriate for a romantic style bathroom? The pastel colors and lighter tones are the ones to reign in this space. Roses, lilacs, yellow or very light green, pastel blue, white or gray tones are some so you can choose.
The material is also important to keep in mind. For decántate sanitary porcelain, which has a very delicate touch perfect for this style. For the furniture , the light wood or shiny surfaces are good alternatives. Bath for textiles, decántate cotton or linen towels for this space.
Betting on floral prints for embroidery, for lace and transparencies in textiles bathroom. Whether towels in the shower curtain or window dressing time this space.
Watch also the taps in the bathroom. This should be classic. A special touch in this regard is removing the tubes from the faucet out, as in the bathrooms of principle century. This touch will be a perfect icing for your romantic decor.
The lighting is another point to consider in your romantic bath. It should be soft and delicate to carry that romance we seek. Use dimmers to give more power to the lighting retail. Also you can include candles and candle holders that will give you a warm, elegant and sensual to the environment.
Finally, take care of the details of the bathroom. Place elegant curved mirrors vintage style, use a chandelier for lighting, let the charm of natural flowers watered the space, give space sweet scents of dried flowers or aromatic oils, etc..
And now the icing itself close with a decoration romantic bathroom. Not everyone can afford this option for reasons of space, but if you can decántate placing a clawfoot tub as a central element of the decor.
This element is reminiscent of other past and is an elegant detail and stylish that will put the final touch to our romantic bath. If space allows it, do not hesitate for a moment.

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