Simple Decorating Colors

Simply for decoration, typically neutral colors are used. White, Brown, beige, grey and black are colors like these are. We also have a few things in the room and stand out less accessories provides simplicity in decoration. One of the biggest complaints about the simple decoration, simply decorated with the colors of the room drab and boring is invisible. For colored or prevent this custom designed a few details may be sufficient.

Accessories color secimi

Light colors and patterns in a simple Hall-free fabrics used the more common choice. Color patterns are usually moving and, of course, a fancy appearance. But simply in the Hall, for example on the carpet or on the wall, will add some energy to the lounge and circumvent the prosaic tone-drive-it is preferable to use patterns or tons of textured material. In this way, even if a little highlight color in the sense of movement occurs. In the example above, the carpet, puff and a good example of this wall fireplace Setup.

bright room

The decoration has been the choice of beige tones, usually in a simple witness. However, often the result of homeowners finds colorless, joyless and frustrated. Actually beige or brown tones not hard to animate. Colored accessories, such as in the examples above, the wall, the coffee table or seats in a room by using the main furniture such as action can be brought. Turquoise, ochre, Burgundy or green, bejle of color that you can use.

beige decoration

Simple white, cream color, immediately comes to mind when decorating beige like bright colors, but with a dark color, with simple décor signature-disposable. Dark colors are the main conditions for use of the room during the day natural light also takes. Otherwise, the room is dark and depressing can impersonate an air. Dark brown couches in the wall, a more open tone can be balanced with light-colored carpet. Open the color tables again on the wall the wall takes the darkness of the room creates balance.

color orange accessories

Outdoor furniture and wall colors are Turquoise to revive patronage frequently. However turquoise sometimes may seem too ambitious to afford. Blue shades look better in your room to another may live. Live tones of blue in pillows and curtains are simply using the Salon you can join energy. How to balance wall above table decoration The decoration is a difficult color to gray because very quickly in a way that might show the old fashioned decoration or boring. In terms of color and pattern to animate the gray above the idea you can see a good example of where you can get. Black and white, the other red or gray tones as well as metallic accessories will suit grey.

colored curtains

We didn’t dare to use dark wall paint, but the result is not the beauty of the human being is not smothered. All walls in a room with dark paint color can be a risky application but make others a dark color one of the walls the same color or contrast in light shades a light we can eliminate this risk by painting.Besides the above a dark wall light colors again dominate the table hung. In this way the wall darkness thinned is going on. This tip in mind.

dark walls

Your living room your eyes simply appears, you need to do immediately to color the paint a room or piece of furniture do not think that you must change. Pillows are changing the atmosphere in a room is an extremely effective power. Simple room with pillows in striking colors and patterns you can imagine right now. Joy alone is not to be small objects or complementary murals are decor balances.

gray seats

This last example has simple but colorful pillows, wall covering that fills the eye of texture and design, the remarkable single seat, simply to avoid boring interior decoration, we see a combination of what can be done. Creates tables in the important contrast in the wall. If a room is dominated by the light colors if it comes to this type of contrast that creates objects prevents deep place Qatar and uninspired.

hall light colors

simple decoration colors

small living room decor