Simple Ideas for Decorating the House

This is our space to share proposals to help improve the aesthetics of contemporary homes, as well as make them more comfortable every day. With two simple ideas to decorate the house can introduce a refreshing look and almost without spending.  Decorative objects, accessories and oh maybe we could introduce a new nod to the decor of a room, you just need to be creative in the compositions that are made ​​with them.


Have you thought that some nuts can add a touch of charm to your home? Well yes, pineapples, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, even dead branches are able to decorate an interior.
have combined natural elements, placed in glass containers, such as cups, bowls or pots. Bringing them together on a tray or a decorative plate, enhances the beauty of this arrangement, with which it is possible to add a charming place to any table at home.

If you have flown shelves or a simple shelf to which you would like to add more attractive, plus an idea to give it a personal touch is to incorporate art.
A small paintings, oil paintings, illustrations and even photos can be transformed into the perfect background for some shelves. Not only print this special and refreshing twist to the decor, as in turn the pieces around them get highlighted and add colored .

So decorate the house with simple ideas possible, begins to seek elements that nature provides, which enable you to create original arrangements, to use as centerpieces or to give life and warmth to a corner. These nuts you keep in cupboards, may also be useful as a decorative object.

Those old boxes stored and forgotten and add interest to your kitchen, a library in a child’s bedroom, or where you need a new touch to update the environment .