Simple living ideas, the desire for fresh white

White high season has just at the beginning of the year. After the holidays, where we have celebrated cosiness to death, January is the month in which we would like to bring order to bring more ease in the apartment and lust on simplicity and freshness. There’s a bright color coming just in time. Here you will find some easily actionable living ideas in white.

white gloss living room units

Clear wood tables are comfortable, but often they do not fit into the average rental apartments, because most white tables and chairs are a simple and stylish solution. Tables and chairs in this type, see all large furniture stores. The good thing about white furniture is that they are always clean and fresh. Here the mood is created with two trays, filled with large candles, lanterns, vases and bowls, already. So much comfort comes in a reduced way. Textiles also provide comfort. Here there are white, floor-length cotton curtains

white vintage living room

The genius of this bedroom is this curtain sky. It provides size, elegance and comfort. An idea that is implemented in an ordinary apartment. Here, an element of white wood with a small distance to the wall is mounted. Indeed, in particular on the wall hang, but also slightly curving forward, the curtain is attached to this. A kind of modern four-poster bed so emerged. The bed itself has a back wall, providing also the surfaces on both sides of the bed. The modern, elegant look perfect a white cap, white linens and a white Chair

white living room display units

Here, the different textures and structures are important. In this living room, there are the wooden floor, the lacquer table, the cotton fabric of the sofa, the Afghan and the fur pillow, which make the white Symphony. What this situation also shows is that living in white can be both elegant and simple. Dinner on the coffee table in front of the TV and cuddling on the sofa can look very chic and tidy.

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