Simple romantic curtain

One of the quintessential decorative elements that distinguish and give style to your home, are undoubtedly the curtains. We can never do without them, or at least should not. But the good thing is that if you still do not have them in your house today we tell you how to make a very simple and romantic .Whenever we consider dressing a window we need to understand how we react to light. If the same type of lighting is used in every room of the house it can create a sense of monotony. The senses of a human being are stimulated by variation and contrast. Light affects the way in which we see and perceive colours, shapes and textures. If lighting is not used correctly it can cause a space to appear dull and washed out.

The opposite applies if we are able to use lighting to our advantage, we could create a sense of warmth and intimacy as well as bring a certain energy and mood to a particular area, particularly in the bedroom or living room.
Light is diffused through sheer/light fabrics and we can therefore use this principle to create a wonderful ambiance within a room.

Silk organza or muslin will be ideal fabrics to use but you could also create amazing unconventional window dressings with sari fabric, netting or lace. Browse around at flea markets, thrift stores or garage sales and you’ll be amazed at what you can find that can inspire you to create striking designs for your windows.

Printed fabric
Needle and thread
Small plastic rings
Sewing machine (optional)

Step by step:
The fabrics tend to 1.50m wide and sides have the ending factory so you will not need hemming. Be sure to cut the top of the fabric taking into account the height of the window. At the top of it add 10 cm to the top and bottom hems.

A hand or machine performs up and down the hems. When finished, on top, hand-stitched the rings each about 10 cm with a simple but strong double thread stitch. Once you finish short films about 30cm depending on the amount of hoops you have sewn.
To tie the curtain to take a bar of tapes and pass through the eye halfway. The fabric leaving the bar passes forward ends of the tape back and forth by making a knot. Finally ends with a bow. Continues in the same way with the rest of the tape and ready.