Simple sauna design made of wood with a breathtaking sea view

This minimalist design sauna is located on the shore of Ranco Lake in Chile and what designed by the architectural studio panorama Arquitectos. The spa complex consists of a few wooden house I sauna function and a wooden deck where you can relax well and can enjoy views of the Lake.

beautiful natural surroundings wood sauna design

The sauna design wooden Boasts simplicity and naturalness. The small cottages have simple geometric structure and were built a few steps Because of the slope of the land away. The individual rooms are connected by small bridges of stone slabs. Especially oak tree did used for the facade and outdoor structures, since this is particularly resistant.

connection flagstone wood sauna design

The sauna which design by panorama Arquitectos from the outside as inside, Practically and functionally designed. Alamo Primarily used wood for the interior design. The small houses are used as sauna and four clothing room and were connected by a small stone bridge. Wide panoramic windows Provide beautiful views of the Lake. The peaceful surroundings and the beautiful nature landscape bring even more harmony and relaxation in this peaceful atmosphere.

bright wood material wood sauna design

construction backside wood sauna design

construction process wood sauna design

entrance stairs stone wood sauna design

fine structure wood sauna design

flat roof construction wood sauna design

geometric shapes wood sauna design

Hang laminated wood sauna design

input wooden door wooden sauna design

minimalist architecture wood sauna design

panoramic view lake wood sauna design

panoramic windows viewpoint wood sauna design

Rock shore wood sauna design

small stone bridge wooden sauna design

Upper view backside wood sauna design

Wall tiling-natural wood wood sauna design

wide panoramic window wood sauna design

wood floor boards wooden sauna design

wooden ceilings wood sauna design

zuypresse tree wood sauna design