Sky bed for garden – an idyllic place to the dream and Relax

In the Middle Ages, a sky bed was left to the well-to-do dominions. Nowadays is not, luckily, any more so. A sky bed marks own peace zone and are a true eye-catcher. Particularly the sky bed for garden pulls admired looks at itself and promises unmistakable atmosphere, hours of the relaxation in nature and restful overnight accommodation under free sky. In this article, we show you beautiful models of sky beds and Outdoor beds for your garden. Inspire yourselves by our suggestions!
A sky bed for a garden is just like the sky bed in the Interior a bed which a lot of corner posts are extended and tower upwards. Fundamentally they are connected with a wreath and become from the so named sky überdeckt. A sky bed for garden brings, without a doubt, a luxury with an atmosphere in your garden and creates a special idyll. A bed promises outside a restful and somehow fabulous sheep under free sky. It provides security, guarantees comfort and is the perfect retreat place in the outside area.
Baldachin-wood-bed-garden Bar-garden-wood-bar Bed-garden-pillow-house Bed-wood-swinging-bed Garden-bamboo cushion-sky bed Garden-bed-rattan-pillow-lanterns Garden-deck-sky-bed-garden furniture Garden-hängebett-tree-cushions Garden-sky bed cushion fence Outdoor hanging pillow palette Outdoor-bed-baldachin-cushions Pillow-wood-bed-outdoor-curtains Rattan-veranda-lying-bed Shabby-chic-bed-garden-baldachin Sky-bed-garden-baldachin-ceiling-bamboo Sky-bed-sand-garden-loungers Swimming pool-rattan-bed-garden Tree trunks-bed-table-garden-table Wood-bed-garden-hanging-flower-pots