Sliding Bunk Children: Save Space

The bunk slides have always been considered an ideal solution to save space in the bedrooms of the smaller ones, especially when they have to share sleeping rooms.We already knew this, but we did not know is that children had bunk beds with built-in furniture sliding. The latter is just what we want to teach you today, an all in one, so you have your children’s bedroom full to save space, the highest possible, with sliding bunks.


Sliding Bunk children: how are they?
This signature design furniture Arasanz, called Cromatic and consists of two children sliding bunk, desk, drawers, stairs … can you ask for more? Yes, we may ask you when not using the furniture are hidden and do not take away space in the bedroom. As simple as swiping through his wheels to get them or hide them.

The space occupied by the entire set is very well used, since everything is planned strategically. Ladders to access the top bunk drawers are solid but light, which can be removed for up to bed. In this way, you will not need the common staircase if you want.
On the desktop, comes directly from the bed below, and you can use it with a chair, that yes, you should have in the bedroom. You can place it in any corner of this or have it in another room if you want to get more out of this room space when not in use. In addition, under the bed have drawers to store whatever you want. You can open them with the same gesture, sliding out without any effort.
As for colors, you’ll find many different shades and different combinations for you to choose this set to your liking and, most importantly, the taste of your children, who are the ones who enjoy every day of these children sliding bunks for save space.
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