Sliding doors from wood as space-saving solution in a Zen apartment

pushing doors from wood kitchen black industrial zen

Zen atmosphere radiates this impressive apartment which is in Taipei in Taiwan. It belongs to a pair with two children which looked for a bigger house because existed in him old not enough places for guests. The team of Ganna design helped to the family in the equipment. It is marked by their simplicity which radiates at the same moment the Asian style.
The house is bright thanks to the big windows. To save a place in spite of the bigger floor space, it was fallen back on sliding doors from wood which give at the same moment also style and elegance to the spaces.
pushing doors from wood kitchen island stool rustic mint green color
The sliding doors for the cupboard of the kitchen are not often found. They verschlieén strangely the cupboards which reach from the ground up to blanket. The sliding doors from wood possess a dark gray color which goes in direction of black by which the kitchen island can be expressed in Mint green perfectly. The kitchen is plain and, however, modern a certain rural atmosphere is also formed, radiates.
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