Small apartment furnished in bright colours

The talented team of the Dupuis design is already known in California and Paris thanks to its facilities in bold colors. This small apartment is the new home of a girl of who has moved out of the parental home. And the designers tried to create a cozy and at the same time young acting Interior, where the young lady certainly will feel comfortable.

Apartment interior design ideas small apartment double wall shelf

So that the small apartment look bigger acts, have become the designer for wall and floor design in neutral colors. The walls were the floor – laminate in cream shades installed painted white. In the bedroom, a large wall shelf with white high-gloss fronts on the wall was installed. The small guest room – in the event that the parents or friends come to visit, was decorated with wallpaper with subtle florals.

Bedroom set ideas wallpaper white bed bright patterns

The second step was to select comfortable and functional pieces of furniture. The puristic form and the clean lines of the furniture has been skillfully through several colour accents spiced up. In the bedroom, a beautiful quilt in white and blue print draws attention. The upholstery of the seat stool was oppressed with the same pattern. In the living room give two small side tables in pink extra whistle. The grey sofa was refreshed with more cushion in bright colors like pink, yellow and blue. Together with the carpet with letters and the day bed with cozy cotton blanket, a charming seating area was formed. A wall was painted with chalkboard paint and there the family photos were hung.The establishment is airy and loose, just as it would imagine an 18 year old girl.

small apartment ideas set panel color carpet letters

The guest room is neat and well structured – a Chair made from acrylic created optical illusion and will look the region bigger. Splash of colour give the Interior the dark blue color of the duvet and the stool. A bedspread and cushion in mustard yellow complete the look.
The small bathroom is equipped with a white wash basin and a shower cabin with glass wall. The neutral color scheme can be combined with bathroom accessories in accent colors.

Small apartment bathroom design ideas shower stall

Small apartment set bathroom vanity mirror system

small apartment set shower cabin glass wall modern